[Resources] Standard Platform 2015 – Source code and control apps


Software Download

—————–Apps (Powered by MIT App Iinventor2)—————–

– MKV (download apk | download source code (aia file))
1.improvment of controlling by using accelerometer
2.increasing connection stability

– MKIV_A (download apk | download source code (aia file))
1.Initial Release

—————–Arduino Demo Program:—————–
– Ver_3 (download)
1.auto detect bluetooth baud rate

– Ver_2 (download)
1.further improvment of ball holding ball by improving (anti)clockwise commands

– Ver_1 (download)
1.improvment of ball holding ball by adding accelerating/decelerating command for motors

– Ver_0 (download)
1.Initial Release

When error occured. The green LED on arduino will blink:

Period Error message
0.1s Connection of Bluetooth transreceiver is lost/unstable
0.5s Low battery
1s Baud rate of Bluetooth transreceiver is incorrect and fixed (reboot is required)
2s Bluetooth transreceiver not found